Collection Systems Operator Certification

To obtain a GA Collection Systems Operator Certification, you must take the appropriate course work, obtain the required amount of experience, pass the Georgia state exam, and then apply for your license. To help you with this process, we've compiled information on each of these steps.


To obtain a Collection Systems Operator Certification, please follow these four steps.


Obtain Training

According to GA Board Rules 750-3.04, the applicant “must have completed the required course work prior to taking the examination and provide proof of completion of course work when they submit their application for certification to the Board.” The course work requirements for the license is listed below, as well as the GWWI course that will satisfy that requirement.

Certification LevelRequired Course WorkEquivalent GWWI Course
Wastewater Collections System Operator 27 Hour Basic Wastewater Collections System Course* Collection Systems Operation and Maintenance

*There is no academic degree substitute for this coursework.


Obtain Experience

According to GA Board Rules 750-3.04, the applicant for the Wastewater Collection Systems Operator Certification must have 3 months of actual system experience prior to applying for certification. This 3 month experience requirement is for everyone, regardless of what level of education or current certification the candidate holds.

According to GA Board Rules  750-3.04, "Applicants for the Wastewater Collection System Operator license may take the exam before the experience requirement is met, but they shall not apply for the license until they have completed the requisite experience in the actual system operation." In other words, the candidate can take exam prior to getting the experience. Keep in mind that once a certification exam is passed, there is a time limit for when the exam has to be submitted for certification. Otherwise, the exam will have to be retaken.


Take and Pass the State Examination

Please note that Georgia law requires that at least the course work be completed prior to taking the exam. However, as noted above, the experience requirement only needs to be satisfied prior to applying for certification. 

The applicant must register for the exam through PSI/Applied Measurement Professionals, Inc. online or by calling 913-859-4600. All exams are proctored, computer-based exams and are given at many testing centers throughout Georgia and the United States. Check the website for the exam location nearest to you and for exam schedules. Exams are not given online. Grades will be given to the examinee, prior to leaving the testing location.


Apply to the GA Certification Board

The applicant can find applications for certification online through Georgia Online Application Services. The applicant must fill out the state application and provide documented proof that steps 1–3 have been completed. The application may take several weeks to process. The applicant can also follow the status of their application online.


Georgia Rules of State Board of Examiners For Certification of Water and Wastewater Treatment Plant Operators and Laboratory Analysts. This can be found at