Maintenance Technologist Certification Renewal


To renew your Maintenance Technologist License, please follow these two steps.


All GAWP Maintenance Technologist Certifications expire on June 30 of every odd year. Renewal requirements must be met prior to the deadline.


Obtain Training

Prior to the deadline, Maintenance Technologists must obtain the required number of continuing education points for the level of certification that they currently have. For renewal, half of your renewal points may come from ANY Water/Wastewater Board Secretary of State approved training (including conferences) and half of your points must come from classes that are specifically approved for the Maintenance Technologist renewal. GWWI has several courses that are approved for the Maintenance Technologist renewal.

If you were issued a certification less than 2 years ago, the renewal application, renewal fees, and proof of training are still required even if no additional CE points are needed. Review your certificate for the expiration date. You must renew your certificate by the stated expiration date, or your certificate will lapse.

Certification LevelRequired Continuing Education Points
Level 3 12 CE Points
Level 2 18 CE Points
Level 1 24 CE Points



Submit Application for Maintenance Technologist Renewal

Visit the GWWI Maintenance Technologist (MT) Renewal application page, and fill out the application. You will be required to upload proof of training. You will also be charged a renewal fee. You must pay your renewal fee by credit card online. Please note that your application may take up to 2–3 weeks to process.